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Brain Regions in nomenclature systems by Strausfeld/Otsuna - Browse Record

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Name by Strausfeld:  ventro-lateral protocerebrum
Abbreviation by Strausfeld:  v-l pr
Name by Otsuna:  ventrolateral protocerebrum
Abbreviation by Otsuna:  vlpr
Alternative names:   
Description:  Relatively large part located at the lateral part of the central brain. It neighbors the optic lobe neuropils across the lateral cell body region. Posteriorly it is continuous to plpr, a region introduced by Otsuna and Ito. The great commissure demarcates the boundary between the neuropils.
Correspondence to the new system:  It is subdevided into AVLP, PVLP and anterior part of IVLP. Among them, AVLP and PVLP house many terminals of visual neurons, while IVLP receives mechanosensory inputs from Johnston's organ neurons. PVLP is discriminated from AVLP by existence of optic glomeruli.